Harvest Gardens

Harvest Gardens is an outreach ministry of Harvest Assembly of God in Fort Worth, TX. It is open to all and is intended to help meet a variety of needs for those participating:

  • Physical. Along with a providing a source for low-cost and healthy food, spending time outdoors has been shown to enhance overall health dramatically as well as providing an opportunity for regular, light exercise.
  • Emotional. Recent studies have shown that spending time outdoors with nature can help to: 1) lower blood pressure and reduce stress, 2) improve mood, 3) improve focus as well as help us heal quicker and support healthy aging. (Source: Sharp.com-Sharp Health News, Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital, accessed 3/28/2021)
  • Social. Harvest Gardens can provide a source of community by connecting with fellow gardeners, volunteers, and the Harvest Assembly of God membership.
  • Spiritual. Being in close and personal contact with God’s creation and seeing the wonders of His natural world can help us to understand and appreciate many truths found in Bible, as well as opening our hearts and souls to the creator of our world.

To learn, more about Harvest Gardens, feel free to download and view the materials below or contact us directly from the contact form found here or emailing us at garden@harvestfortworth.org.