Downcycle Your Cardboard

We are constantly using old cardboard boxes as a weed barrier in constructing new garden plots. If you have any boxes that you want to get rid of without adding to the landfill, feel free to repurpose them by adding to our pile of cardboard.

Simply place your flattened boxes on the pile to the right of the entrance inside the garden shed. We recommend boxes without glossy coatings or full color printing as the boxes are meant to decompose into the garden and the chemicals used in those processes are of unknown toxicity. The mineral oils (from the inks) and waxes or polymers used in smoothing and coating aren’t known to be especially harmful, but they also aren’t helpful and it doesn’t take much to disturb the essential life in a healthy soil environment. If in doubt, drop it off. Any unused (or unusable) materials will be sent for recycling.

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